Livingston County, Michigan Paternity Lawyers

Whether you are a parent seeking to establish paternity of your child, or a father questioning the paternity of a child, the lawyers at Livingston Law Offices have helped numerous parents establish paternity and resolve the remaining issues that will arise in a paternity case, such as child custody, parenting time, and child support. In a paternity case, the court will issue an order concerning each parent’s support obligation and may also issue orders addressing custody and parenting time with the minor child involved. It is imperative that you speak to a family law lawyer to fully understand your rights and responsibilities when you are involved in a paternity case and call 517-546-6666 to schedule your free consultation with one of our Livingston County, Michigan Paternity Lawyers.

In Michigan, paternity can be established voluntarily or by court order. The father can either voluntarily acknowledge paternity of a child under the Acknowledgement of Parentage Act or the parties can enter a consent agreement.  If consent cannot be obtained, a parent can file a petition with a Court having proper jurisdiction under the Paternity Act. Michigan enacted the Paternity Act to compel parents to support children born to unwed parents or a child born out of wedlock. This includes a child born or conceived during a marriage, but not a child of that marriage. The court will require a DNA test, or genetic testing, to determine the biological parents of each child in question and issue an order establishing paternity. The court’s order could also include reimbursements for the medical expenses connected to the mother’s pregnancy and birth of the child, in addition to the necessary support and education of the child.

Revocation of Paternity Act

Michigan has specific laws, which permits a man who has been falsely named as the father of a child to legally revoke paternity of that child.  A  Complaint to revoke paternity must be timely filed in a court having proper jurisdiction.   The Revocation of Paternity Act is complex and requires strict compliance with the deadlines contained within the Act. If you have doubts or questions concerning the paternity of a child, it is imperative that you seek legal advice quickly to preserve your right to revoke paternity. Call 517-546-6666 to schedule your free office consultation with one of our paternity lawyers.