Howell Parenting Time Lawyers

If you are seeking to establish parenting time, are involved in a parenting time dispute, or want to modify an existing parenting time order, the lawyers at Livingston Law Offices offer a free legal consultation to answer your parenting time questions. Parenting time is often litigated in Michigan because of the impact each parent’s overnight parenting time has when calculating each parent’s child support obligation.  Our Howell parenting time lawyers have practiced within the Family Court of Livingston County for over 30 years and have extensive experience applying the best interest factors and the parenting time factors if you need help doing any of the following:

    • Establishing specific parenting time schedules;
    • Enforcing specific parenting time orders;
    • Modifying existing parenting time orders;
    • Filing emergency motions to suspend parenting time or reinstate parenting time if denied by one parent;
    • Establishing supervised parenting time and exchanges if appropriate; or
    • Responding to a motion filed by a grandparent seeking grand-parenting time.

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