Howell, Michigan Child Support Attorneys

In Michigan, child support is designed to meet the essential needs of the children and includes such things as food, housing, education and clothing. Michigan utilizes a specific child support formula to calculate each parent’s economic contributions in raising their child and having the assistance of an experienced family law attorney who fully understands how child support works in Livingston County, Michigan can make a big difference in calculating the proper support obligations for your children.

The Michigan Child Support Manual takes into account factors including the incomes of both parents, or their potential incomes, and the number of overnights the child spends with each parent. The child support amount determined by applying Michigan’s child support formula can be deviated from, or modified, if the formula creates an unjust support amount.

If you need to establish child support in a divorce action or child custody proceeding, our experienced attorneys can help you properly apply Michigan’s formula to the facts in your case and determine the child support obligations for each parent. Our child support lawyers are also skilled in filing successful motions to modify an existing child support order if you or the other parent has experienced a change in economic circumstances.

If you have questions about the Michigan Child Support formula applies to your specific case, the attorneys at Livingston Law Offices can answer them during your free initial consultation if you call 517-546-6666 and schedule an appointment today.