Livingston County, Michigan Adoption Attorneys

The lawyers at Livingston Law Offices have assisted both birth parents and prospective adoptive parents in navigating the legal system to ensure the legality of their adoption. There are various types of adoptions recognized in Michigan, and include; adult adoptions, agency adoptions, direct placement adoptions, relative adoptions, and stepparent adoptions.  The specific requirements for your adoption depend upon the facts and circumstances surrounding the adoptee.  For information specific to your adoption, call 517-546-6666 to schedule a free consultation with a Livingston County family lawyer with experience handling adoption cases.

Step-Parent Adoptions

Often times a stepparent seeks to adopt their stepchild, which can be accomplished in Michigan.  The procedures in Michigan can seem daunting and complex, but the lawyers at Livingston Law Offices have experience in navigating these proceedings.  Whether you are the stepparent seeking to adopt your stepchild, or the parent facing parental termination proceedings, our experienced adoption attorneys are available for a free initial consultation to answer your pressing questions.