Livingston County Child Custody Lawyers

When facing a divorce with minor children, or if you and your child’s other parent cannot agree on issues involving your minor children, you will want to seek a child custody lawyer to ensure your children are protected.  If you and the other parent are unable to agree to the issues involving your children surrounding their custody, support, and parenting time, a court having proper jurisdiction will render an order resolving these issues for you. A custody order will determine both the physical custody of your children and their legal custody. A petition can be filed any time after you separate from the other parent to establish a custody order or after a custody order has been entered if the facts and circumstances in your case warrant modification of your prior custody order.

Custody modifications are often sought because the circumstances between the parents have changed or there exists a proper cause warranting a modification. Understanding your child’s custodial environment establishes the burden the parent seeking the modification must overcome and is critical when defending or filing a motion seeking to modify an existing custody order.

  • Often one parent seeks to relocate and the parents are unable to agree to this relocation because of the impact the new distance will have on the other parent’s relationship with the children. If seeking to relocate out-of-state and modify the domicile of your minor children an experienced attorney can properly advise you of the legal issues the court must address when making this decision for your children.

Michigan courts are required to analyze twelve factors, called the best interest factors, to determine the custody of your minor children. Based upon these factors, the court will determine both the legal custody and physical custody of your minor children and whether you and the other parent will share joint legal custody and/or physical custody or whether sole legal and/or physical custody is appropriate under the circumstances.

  • Legal custody determines who is responsible for making important life decisions for the children, including the decisions required for their health care, education, and child care; while physical custody refers to where the minor children will reside.

The issues that arise in child custody disputes are highly complex and require specific legal expertise to ensure your rights and your children are adequately protected. Family Court and the Friend of the Court have their own set of rules and legal obstacles that must be maneuvered when it comes to the custody of your children. Child custody battles can be especially contentious and you will want to hire a law firm that has the family court experience necessary to provide you and your children with the best possible outcome. Our family law attorneys have been working in this environment for over 30 years and have the necessary skills to protect your family at an affordable rate. Call 517-546-6666 to schedule your free consultation with one of our child custody lawyers and discuss your particular situation further.