Michigan Appellate Attorneys

Do you want to appeal an order, judgment, or conviction? If you are not satisfied with a trial court’s order, you may have the right to appeal the matter to a higher court utilizing the Michigan appellate process.  The lawyers at Livingston Law Office have experience appealing and defending orders, judgments, and convictions issued at the District Court, Circuit Court, and appellate level and offer affordable appellate legal services.   Call 517-546-6666 to schedule your free legal consultation with one of our Michigan Appellate Attorneys.

Michigan’s appeals process varies depending on whether you have the right to appeal the lower court’s order or whether you must request the appellate court to review the order by application. Both processes impose deadlines and require compliance with the Michigan Court Rules.  The lawyers at Livingston Law Offices have successfully represented individuals, their families, and businesses through the Michigan appellate process, from criminal restitution matters to highly contested child custody disputes, and offer a free office consultation to evaluate your case on appeal.